Budva.Webcam is an emerging brand on the Adriatic seacoast, the first live webcam (with real-time video) from the Montenegrin coast. On the website the visitors can find weather forecast and unique daily time-lapses.

Budva.Webcam also operates its own Facebook page and YouTube channel. We keep advertising the Facebook page and also all daily time-lapses will be are available on the YouTube channel. The time-lapse videos can also be downloaded from the website.

All content is responsive, available on all kind of devices: desktop, tablets and smart phones.

It is freely allowed to embed the live stream and time-lapse videos into 3rd party websites, which lead to more viewers and increase the number of visitors.

Advertising on Budva.Webcam is an efficient way to promote your service and product for the visitors of the Adriatic seacoast. Ideal for hotels, casinos and other touristic attractions.

As a startup project we are flexible on the pricing of the following advertising solutions:

  • advertisement on the live stream
  • advertisement on the time-lapse videos
  • advertising on the Facebook page
  • advertising on the website


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