WebGarden Limited provides webcam services, live video stream and time-lapse videos.

Webcam services

Webcam service is a great booster for hotels, casinos, aqua parks and any kind of outdoor touristic attractions and places. WebGarden Limited offers a wide-range of service packages for touristic attraction operators and councils.

Webcam website

This package is a great solution for local governments to promote their territory and aid tourists while choosing their holiday destination.

The package includes:
  • domain name preferably with .webcam tld.
  • live video stream with embedding, sharing options
  • daily time lapse videos for view and download
  • local weather forecast
  • manageable advertisements on the stream (optional)
  • Facebook page
  • YouTube channel
  • search engine optimization
  • subscribtion for webcam directory services
  • content management and content promotion
  • webcam hardware
  • webhosting and streaming server

Video stream

This package is a good solution for hotel, casino, aqua park and other touristic attraction operators.

The package includes:
  • live video stream embedded into the client's website
  • daily time-lapse for view and download (optional)
  • manageable advertisements on the stream (optional)
  • webcam hardware
  • webhosting and streaming server
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Required conditions



The stream will be without WebGarden's network advertisements, client may install and manage their advertisements:

Webcam websiteVideo stream
Installation and hardware (one time fee) 2000€ 1500€
Streaming, maintenance, content management and promotion 400€/month 250€/month

The stream will include advertisements from WebGarden's network:

Webcam websiteVideo stream
Security deposit for the hardware 500€ not applicable

Time-lapse videos for commercial use

All WebGarden's network time-lapses are available for commercial use. For inquiry please contact us.


For inquiry please fill the contact form below: